Kimber Berry

“Recently, I have been focusing on the brush stroke, both physical and illusion. The fluidity of paint has become my narrative and I dare say, my obsession.” - Kimber Berry

Kimber  Berry

Kimber Berry

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Kimber has exhibited widely throughout California including the Pacific Design Center, the LA County Museum of Art, the San Diego Art Museum and many others. She is currently preparing for a one-woman show in the Project Room at the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art this coming Spring (2009). Her work is currently in a number of corporate and private collections.


2001, MFA, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA
1998, BFA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA


Kimber Berry Description


Building on expressionist abstraction, Kimber Berry belongs to a loose school of Los Angeles painters that have emerged from the practice of exploring the fluidity of paint. Described as “Flow Painting”, her work demonstrates how paint ebbs and flows in different ways, sometimes freezing at the moment of application, sometimes playing with the nature of the medium’s drift, emphasizing the relationship and interaction between painter and paint.

Kimber’s recent work has been an exploration of the painted surface. Through the use of computer and digital photography, she creates a dialog between reality and illusion – a dialog that includes the history of paint, and how technology plays a new role in the process of painting.

Growing up in Los Angeles surrounded by advertising excess and Hollywood glitz have instilled a love of illusion and playfulness in Kimber’s work. In her most recent work, a series of “Liquid Landscapes”, she explores the psychological experience of living in a society bombarded with visual noise and simulated environments. Her vibrant, electric acrylic and mixed media paintings interlace, overlap and converge upon themselves appearing to exist in multiple environments at the same time.

Bringing together actual brush strokes with computer generated images of them, Kimber’s paintings challenge our perception of what is real and what is illusion. What is intentional and what is a fortuitous accident, sort of a Zen-inspired view that “paint happens”. In this way, Kimber’s work falls into another contemporary California tradition of looking toward Asia for models of spirit as well as form. In doing so, she questions and challenges the established conventions of painting and creates her own language for the exploration of contemporary landscapes and the process of painting.

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