Mitch McGee


About the Artist:

The influences for McGee's own artwork came from the style of Pop Art legend, Roy Lichtenstein.  According to McGee, "Lichtenstein with a Red Bow was the first piece that started me down this rabbit hole. Roy Lichtenstein took comic strips and repositioned them as lithography. In an almost tongue-in-cheek fashion I wondered how I could take one of his pieces and recreate it in another medium. The easy answer for me was wood. I grew up working with it and, combined with my graphic design background, it left me with a new medium and expression that I think really works." From that start, Houston artist, McGee began to create his own style and establish his unique voice. 
Today, his creativity exists in that space between painting and sculpture.  In his Birch series, McGee uses pieces of wood, each illustrated, hand cut and stained or painted to create dimensional pieces.   Each painting is filled with thick layers and subtle shadows.  There is a warmth created by the imperfection of the birch and its grain that creates an emotional connection.  Each painting is a labor of love, taking 40 to 50 hours or more to complete.
McGee has created original works inspired by Superhero comics, Sports icons, as well as romantic moments using thick lines and bold colors to bring these scenes to life in his own way.  Each artwork is filled  with humor, irony, compassion or seduction.
His artwork has been exhibited throughout Texas since 2001 and in New York with Elisa Contemporary Art since 2012.  His work is public and private collections throughout the world.  In 2013, Mitch McGee’s artwork was featured in the March issue of Dwell Magazine, in W Magazine in October, and a solo exhibit at 1st Dibs in NYC in 2013.


2013    "All About Pop", 1stdibs@NYDC, Elisa Contemporary Art, New York

2016    Affordable Art Fair, Elisa Contemporary Art
2014    Aqua Art Miami, Elisa Contemporary Art
           My Hero II, Elisa Contemporary Art, Bridgehampton & Riverdale, New York
           AAFNYC, Elisa Contemporary Art, New York
2013   Smitten, Elisa Contemporary Art, New York
          AAFNYC, Elisa Contemporary Art, New York
2012   AAFNYC, Elisa Contemporary Art, New York

2011   Poissant Gallery, Houston, TX
         Winter Street & Spring Street Studios Artist Exhibition, Houston, TX
         6th Annual Inner Art Cooridor Open Show, Houston, TX
2010  Kuhl-Linscomb, Houston, TX
2006  Gallery Night, Leigh Boyd, Ft. Worth, TX
2003  Gallery Night, Leigh Boyd, Ft. Worth, TX
2001  Gallery Night, Leigh Boyd, Ft. Worth, TX

2013    Houston Rockets, Houston TX
2005    Baylor University, Waco, TX

2013     Dwell Magazine, W Magazine  
2011    My Modern Metropolis, Sunrise Artists, Unfinished Man, Joonbug, Art We Love


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