Michael Enn Sirvet


About the Artist:

Michael Enn Sirvet is a contemporary sculptor, designer and structural engineer who creates two and three-dimensional works using metals, hardwoods, plastics and other materials. Michael’s vision makes use of industrial and hand processes to restructure and fuse the organic chaos of nature with the crafted precision of manmade construction. His works and structures are reflections of his musing upon nature, science and sensuality.


Sirvet lives and keeps a full-time studio practice in Washington D.C.  Many of his pieces can be found in private collections and at several US embassies.


According to Sirvet:

I strive to capture the primitive beauty within familiar forms. Inspired by chaotic and yet uniform naturally occurring patterns, and the technology and industry which mimic them, I build archetypal structures, melding and juxtaposing independent and varied material elements, natural and manmade, expected and unexpected.

My hope is that the simple intricacies of my abstracted, purified assemblages and forms will invoke recognition and impart the wonder that I feel for nature... That I use industrial materials and methods to create my artworks, is an embedded irony when considering the effects of man's technological and industrial development upon nature and our environment. The tension between these ideas and sustainability of actions, my own included, is perhaps the defining question of our time. Nature cannot be considered without acknowledging humanity’s effects, and my artwork is a fusion of the harmony and disharmony, the beauty and tension of that relationship.    

Associated Exhibitions

A Path to Tranquility
A new group showing taking the viewer into a calm and optimistic space.
September 16 - December 21, 2018
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