Other Worldly: Mandalas and Spirits
February 15 - April 12, 2014
Special Closing Reception on Saturday, April 12th from 5-7pm

Other Worldly_ Mandalas and Spirits
Our new exhibit, Other Worldly is a journey through the visions of four contemporary female artists as they travel beyond the boundaries of this world into the larger universe.

The featured artists in Other Worldly – Mandalas and Spirits are:

Paula Brett
Amy Cheng
Connie Firestone
Elaine Galen

The Mandala, the Sanskrit term for "Circle", is a spiritual and ritualistic symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It is a shape and symbol that represents wholeness, and portrays a relationship to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. In Other Worldly, it is re-imagined by two of our featured artists, Amy Cheng and Paula Brett. Amy Cheng’s “Mandala” series was inspired by six months spent in Brazil in 2010 on a Fulbright Fellowship. These abstract, mandala inspired paintings metaphorically emulate the vitality of life force. According to Amy, “When I contemplate the energy of life force I think of cells and cell divisions, the universe forming itself out of dust, seeds blooming into plants, all which tend to emerge jewel-like, diaphanous, seductive and playful.” Paula Brett's series marries Candy with the Mandala to create the Candala. According to Paula, “My intention with these candalas is to arrange everyday sweets into a pattern which becomes scared, where delicious turns divine, the enticing now exquisite."

The Spirits, are represented by artists, Connie Firestone and Elaine Galen. The shadowy figures of Connie Firestone's Guardian series are barely visible through the veil that separates the worlds. Luminous, multi-layered, and elegantly simple at first glance, these paintings provide a glimpse into another dimension. According to Connie "The Guardian series has been a spiritual journey for me and a life changing journey to create this artwork. To my own guardians and spirit guides, I am filled with gratitude, for I know they are with me at all times." The exhibit will also include nymph paintings, drawings and sculptures by Elaine Galen. Nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing.

Join us for a Special Closing Reception on Saturday, April 12th from 5-7pm

What: Other Worldly – Mandalas and Spirits
When: February 15 through April 12, 2014
Special Event:
Closing Reception: Saturday, April 12 from 5-7pm
Where: Elisa Contemporary Art, 5622 Mosholu Avenue (near 256th Street), Riverdale NY 10471.
Hours: Saturday 11 am – 5 pm and by Appointment

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