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Krzysztof Pastuszka



Kris is an emerging artist and has exhibited his work in Brooklyn and New York City.

He lives in Brooklyn NY.


BFA, 2008, School of Visual Arts, New York




I am inspired by things that we often abandon as we grow up. I am inspired by humor, playfulness, the ridiculous — mechanized, interactive, fun creations. I am inspired by tall-tale adventures, characters, faces, gliders (airplanes), ships, motor cars and trains; gears, pulleys, linkages, cranks, manual machines, maps, diagrams, definitions, words, and catalogues with detailed recordings.

I like to include images such as goggles, old pilot helmets, oxygen masks, compasses, navigation devices, parachutes, enclosed spaces like a cockpit; windmills, old movie projectors, hoists, harnesses, tree houses and pillow and blanket forts; military uniforms and gear – minus any weapons; clocks and timepieces; taking things apart and putting them back together – my way.

I am influenced by the romantic idea of an inventor – stumbling upon an idea, researching it, documenting it in detail, then twisting it – noting any peculiarities (real or imagined), and incorporating a bit of humor or whimsy. I gravitate toward the eccentric, the reclusive person who thinks up things and makes them happen.

For me, art is a way of life, an adventure of those moments when something happens, connections are made and everything seems to make sense. Most of my work is not so much about subject matter as it is about learning things, documenting things, and acquiring skills.

It is about my obsessive and meticulous process of recording every step. I often incorporate some type of manually-operated mechanical feature in my work. I’m fascinated by how all the pieces work together in such a concise manner to create the greater function of the whole. On a personal level, it is a means of containing my fidgety behavior – like a jar for fireflies.

My art revolves around the highs and lows of discovery, adventure, and chance. In my drawings, I create a scene that is built upon a fantastical place of its very own. A place evolved from everyday connections, be it experiences, objects, or ideas. It’s a sort of Neverland, trapping within it a world of endearing opposites — a comfort in the abyss; beauty in decay.

I am inspired by the ridiculous, the whimsical world of invention, nonsense, and complex machines in a playful atmosphere - to create an adventure of the unknown.

Elisa Contemporary Art
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