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Paper Cuts: Dimensional Works of Paper

Featuring Amy Genser, Don Morris and Heidi Whitman

Amy Genser


The Tide is Coming to Grab You

Amy Genser

The Tide is Coming to Grab You

Watch Out for Sea Creatures

Amy Genser

Watch Out for Sea Creatures

Heidi Whitman

Night Voyage

Heidi Whitman

Lost City of A

Don Morris

Diamond Hero

Don Morris

Group Hero 2

Elisa Contemporary Art is pleased to present our new gallery exhibit, Paper Cuts.  This group show features four artists all creating dimensional artwork from cut paper.  The exhibit  runs through April 26 at the Riverdale NY Gallery.  It will be open by appointment only through July 31.  The featured artists are: Amy Genser, Don Morris and Heidi Whitman.

The exhibit highlights the intricate and highly detailed processes of creating dimensional work from Paper.   Our artists use knives and scissors to carefully sculpt each paper.   The interconnectedness of each element creates the patterns that draw the viewer into the work with shadows adding additional drama and dimension.

Amy Genser creates dimensional artwork with paper and paint to explore her obsession with texture, pattern, and color.  Heidi Whitman’s paper constructions resemble city grids, ancient ruins and blueprints, but they also act as metaphors for the complicated processes of the mind.  For Don Morris, his former training as a plastic surgeon has provided the precision for his comic book constructions.  Each piece is a multi-dimensional and textural work of art.The exhibit also includes a limited edition hand collaged piece by Argentinian artist, Ana Marie Hernando.

What:  Paper Cuts
Featured artists: Amy Genser, Ana Marie Hernando, Don Morris, Heidi Whitman
When: February 15 through April 26, 2018.  Open by appoitnment only through July 31.
Where: Elisa Contemporary Art, 5622 Mosholu Avenue, Riverdale NY 10471
Hours: Thursdays 12pm – 5:00pm and by appointment (Weekdays, Evenings, Weekends)
Website: www.ElisaContemporaryArt.com

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Twitter: @LCooperArt  

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Paper Cut Installation Shot 1
Paper Cut Installation 2
Paper Cut Installation 3
Paper Cut Installation 4
Paper Cut Installation 5
Ana Marie Hernando

Ana Maria Hernando, El Corazon Inocent, limited edition lithograph with hand cut paper.

Elisa Contemporary Art
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