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Debuting Alaskan Journey

Rosalind Schneider's New Series - Meet the Artist on 11/21

Artist Rosalind Schneider will be debuting her new artwork series at New York Gallery, Elisa Contemporary Art this Sunday, November 21st from 12-4pm. Rosalind will be sharing insights about her latest series,Alaskan Journey.

If you've missed this event, here's a quick video snapshot.

In this new series,Alaskan Journey, Rosalind uses imagery shot from a small plane, a boat and while hiking on the surface of a glacier. These mountain ice vistas and floating ice burgs are all located in Prince William Sound and Wrangel St. Elias.

The full Alaskan Journey series includes a three channel video projection installation, as well as a series of photo fusion paintings. The photo fusion paintings will be on display.

Artwork will be on display as part of 40 under 4 Holiday exhibit through January 16th.

About Rosalind Schneider: Rosalind has been in the vanguard of “Art of the Moving Image” or “Film as Art” since the early 70’s. Her expansive and prolific body of work spans over 40 years as an artist exploring the nature of energy and our natural environment. In the process, she has captured the energy and power of water, ice burgs, trees and landscapes and translated it into her own artistic language.

Her singular vision has taken her on a creative journey that has pushed the boundaries of visual media from painting to sculpture to film, video and digital media. Her quest has led to the mastery and fusion of these various media to create an original and unique visual language for the forces of nature.

Rosalind has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the US since the early 1970’s. She was the first artist to show “Film as Art” at the Hirshhorn Museum in 1974. Her films were also part of "The Color of Ritual, The Color of Thought, Women Avant-Garde Filmmakers in America 1930-2000 " curated by Chrissie Iles at the Whitney Museum and her video installation of “Wave Transformations” was projected on a huge inflatable globe during Art Basel Miami 2006 at the Miami Beach Cinematheque In 2009, her film was made part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art Film Archives in New York.

Rosalind’s work has been shown worldwide -- throughout the US, Europe and Israel. It is part of the Donnell Film Library, New York City, Art Students League, Lincoln Center Dance Archives, NYNEX Collection and others.

Elisa Contemporary Art
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