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Daryl Zang, Female Artist, Emerging Artist, Connecticut Artist, Portrait, Portraiture, Realism,

Daryl Zang

Big Dreams

Pete Cabrinha

Pool 5

Jeffrey Palladini

Carol Bennett_ Hawaii Artist_ Female Artist_ Eric Zener_ Alyssa Monk

Carol Bennett

Letter.The Theory of Non Comparison

Mark Van Wagner

Elisa Contemporary Art has a new pop-up gallery featuring a summer art exhibit, SPLASH , at Sotheby’s International Realty (Riverdale, NY). The exhibit has now been extended through Sept. 6, 2011 SPLASH is an artistic vision of summer fun - in and around the water. Our artists take us surfside to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, below the surface of the ocean to the tranquil and exotic underwater worlds, and poolside in the backyard. It is a look back into the simple joys of our childhood and into the pleasures of our lives today.

Our artists explore a range of media and materials. The mixed media paintings of Pete Cabrinha blend his deep exploration of modern photography – both below the water’s surface and above it – with a range of other medium and techniques. While the strong, clean lines and bold intense use of color fill Mike Field’s fine art prints. Carol Bennett’s paintings are multi-layered surfaces that are intricate, textured and unpredictable. She is constantly experimenting with her work whether it’s adding, subtracting, sanding and recoating or testing new “canvases” including glass, recycled sailboat sails and wood panel. The artwork of Mark Van Wagner uses Hawaiian Sand as the “ink” on his wood panel paintings creating spontaneous, meditative, calligraphic expressions that reference the inner and outer landscapes. Figurative artist, Daryl Zang, finds endless inspiration in her children and captures some of the simple pleasures of childhood in her poignant and detailed oil canvases, while San Francisco artist, Jeffrey Palladini takes a more minimalist, yet highly charged approach with thick richly painted wood panels.

So jump right in and join us as we take a refreshing look at some sizzling artwork in SPLASH – a celebration of the Sun, Sand and Surf.

The exhibit includes the artwork of:

Here's our video walkaround

SPLASH will be on exhibit at Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty (Riverdale), 3732 Riverdale Avenue, Lower Level, Riverdale NY 10463. 718.513.5810. Exhibit dates are: May 15 – Sept. 6th, 2011. The viewing hours daily from 10 am

To set up a time for a guided tour, please contact Lisa Cooper, owner, Elisa Contemporary Art, at 212.729.4974 or Lisa@ElisaArt.com

Elisa Contemporary Art
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