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Elisa Contemporary Art presents My Hero, a new art exhibit focusing on Superheroes in today’s contemporary art. The exhibit opens January 27th, 2012 and runs March 31, 2012. Just Extended through April!

From the days of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddess through today’s X-Men, Dynamic Duos, Fantastic Four and many others, we are captivated by the Superhero (male and female). Is it their superhuman strength and power? Or their seeming selflessness to put the greater needs of others ahead of their own wants and desires? Or the fact that they may embody and magnify a single aspect of the human potential in each of us? They captivate, engage and inspire us in print, on the big screen, under the Broadway lights… and now in Contemporary Art.

In the latest Elisa Contemporary Art exhibit, we see the influences of Pop Art from the 1960’s and explore how five contemporary artists bring modern heroes to life in a whole new way. You’ll see Superheroes including Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America and meet some new characters.

We’re featuring the undulating, architectural paintings of (New Orleans born and now California) Artist Don Morris whose series “Our Heroes” was inspired by the Pop Art of the 60’s. Using comic books as his medium, Don creates canvases which at a distant appear to be an interplay of colors and textures, but upon closer examination come to life with comic book superheroes who fly, struggle, and climb before us in small fragments and vignettes. Words bubble from the comic book text and are clearly visible throughout the pieces, so the viewer can read the stories of our action heroes.

The energetic and complex mixed media paintings of Water Mill resident Oliver Peterson draw their inspiration and sources from graffiti, structural decay, literature, Victorian era medicine and the pages of comic books.

Emerging artist Jerome Walford combines Pop Art with Asian print-making styles to create fluid illustrations of his own new heroic characters. We’ll be exhibiting artwork from his latest series.

The mosaic and mixed media paintings by New York artist Peter Buchman. Moody and contemplative best describes Peter Buchman's new work. By using a patina or textured painting technique the artist is able to weave between a direct meaning, visual reality which we are accustomed too, and a poetic mystery that is a language in itself.
,br />Comics and Pulp imagery, as well as other well known grandiose American iconography serve as a great leaping off point for discussion on personal relationships and sometimes un-stereotypical behavior. Who do we love? What are our own expectations of others? What is the American dream? Buchman's mixed media works asks these questions over an over in a multitude of poignant ways.

Houston artist, Mitch McGee’s artwork bridges the space between painting and sculpture. In this latest series, he illustrates, cuts, paints and stains layers of birch to create highly dimensional scenes and characters.

The exhibit features the work of:

We've lined up some great special events including an opening reception with Houston artist, Mitch McGee on Saturday, January 28th from 4-6pm, a Valentine's Day toast to your favorite hero on Saturday, February 11th from 5-7pm, and Two Art Workshops for kids (5+). Each workshop will be led and inspired by the work of one artist. On Saturday, February 25th from 1-3pm, Oliver Peterson will lead Super Hero Collages (ages 5+) and on Sunday March 25th from 1-3pm, Jerome Walford will lead creating your own Super Hero in action.

RSVP required for Art Workshops. Please email Lisa@ElisaArt.com. Be sure to include: Parent Name, Email, Child(ren) Name and Age(s) Limited space. First come, first serve.

If you are a local school or have a children's art group and want to set up a special viewing of My Hero contact Lisa Cooper at 212.729.4974 or Lisa@ElisaArt.com

Don Morris

Comic Strips, Varnish on Canvas, 42 x 42

Don Morris

A World of Small Heroes, Comic Strips, Varnish on Canvas

Peter Buchman

Acrylic on Wood, Spray Paint, Resin, 24 x 24, 2011

Peter Buchman

Forty Something Woman, painted wood mosaic, resin, 20" x 16"

Peter Buchman

Wonder Man, painted wood mosaic, resin, 20" x 16"

Oliver Peterson

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 24 x 36

Jerome Walford

Limited Edition Digital Print, Hand signed and numbered. From "Nowhere Man."

Mitch McGee

Layered Birch painting

Oliver Peterson

Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas

Oliver Peterson

Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas

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